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Is Protective Styling Necessary?

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

What is considered a protective style? It's a styling option that allows your hair, particularly the ends, to rest for an extended period of time. The most effective protective styles allow you to be able to apply moisture to your ends every other day, or so...

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Heatless Curls

by Ebony Clark-Bomani

Notice the bountiful curls popping up all over your timeline and newsfeed over the last year or so? Me too!!! Our curlfriends are experiencing all their hair has to offer by trying different ways to play with texture. Long gone are the days when we ONLY roll our hair on rollers, spinning it uniformly until it reached the scalp. That way produces cute, Shirley Temple-style coils or barrel curls. We've now added another technique to the repertoire.

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5 Foods for Healthy Hair

By: TiffanyNicholsDesign

Hey Everyone,

As the 1st month of 2015 is quickly coming to an end, I know many women made a New Year Resolution to have longer or healthier hair in 2015. Some of you women know exactly what you need to change or tweak in your own hair care regimens in order to obtain this goal.   Other women are not quite sure where to start.  Today, I want to share with you a crucial starting point.

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