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Living No Lye: My Natural Hair Journey

by Constance Cash
Welcome to I started my natural hair journey on October 3, 2011. I haven't had a relaxer since circa 2010, but I didn't start caring for my natural hair until I big chopped in 2011. Like many others, becoming natural was somewhat accidental. I never really learned how to style my own hair, and have always relied either on cosmetologists to glam me up, or on wigs and braids. Back then, I couldn’t care less about the health of my natural hair—as long as it looked fab on top!

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Jada's Natural Hair Journey

I kind of went natural by accident. For the longest I'd dreamt of returning to natural, but there were so many people opposed to it, so I kind of kept the idea tucked in the back of my head. I had my last relaxer in May of 2010 the month I had my youngest daughter.  I got braids shortly after her birth, and I kept them in until September.

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