LUSH Godiva Shampoo Bar

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

I recently revisited the Godiva Sensual Two-in-One Bar by LUSH, and I almost had a hair-gasm. It's one of their best shampoos for textured (or processed) hair, and it just so happened to be recommended by a natural woman that worked in the store. It's laced with shea butter, cocoa butter, camellia oil and jasmine. One of my favorite things about it is, it's VEGAN! The lather is not a very monstrous one, but it's very rich and moisturizing. After rinsing, my hair felt really clean (almost squeaky) but very soft and conditioned. Also, it has an intoxicating fragrance (if you like Jasmine). Jasmine leaves your hair with a long-lasting, clean and sensual aroma. Your significant other won't be able to resist the urge to plunge their nose into your hair. I'm often asked how to use shampoo bars. Well, it's simple! First, saturate your hair with water. Then glide the bar down the length of your hair, starting at the scalp, three to four times per quadrant. Use the pads of your fingertips and massage. Add more if needed!

I'd definitely recommend trying it if you haven't already. Let us know what you think. 

Have you ever tried shampoo bars?

Ebony Clark-Bomani