What Shea Moisture Products Do For My Type 4 Hair

By Amber Williams

There are so many lovers of the product Shea Moisture around the world, but the question that I see on different posts are “What will it do for my 4c hair?," “Does it benefit on all types of hair?” Well, I’m here to say that it has treated my type 4 hair very well! My hair is different because I don’t precisely know what type of hair I have. In the front of my hair, the texture is looser and easy to comb through (same with the back), and the rest of my hair is tightly coiled. Every time when someone asks me, “What type of hair do you have?” I simply respond by saying “I have type 4 hair”. I basically do the same steps as any type 4 person would. I deep condition weekly, use the L.O.C. method to keep my hair moisturize, and I style on blow dried hair (shrinkage is real!). All the images above this post are what I use by Shea Moisture (yes I’m a product junkie). I love each and every one of them, even though the shampoo strips my hair way too much. I would suggest using an oil to prevent the shampoo from stripping your hair and keeping it moisturized. The conditioner brings my hair to life, but I would leave it on my hair for a minute or two with a plastic cap and then wash it completely out. After that, I use their deep conditioning mask for 30 minutes (with any oil of my choice added for deep penetration) and rinse out with cool water. Again, I do this on a weekly basis for my hair. So for all of you out there that wondered if Shea Moisture works well on type 4 hair, my answer is “YES!” This product is great for transitioners and naturals or just anyone looking to experiment on a new product.

Amber Williams


IG: CreativelyAmber

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