Protective Style: Crochet Braids

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

As a teenager in the 90s, I never thought crochet braids were attractive. They were actually quite plain, in my opinion. There weren't many options and they mostly came in this small box with a handful of pre-braided hair. Some were curly, like ramen noodles. Some were straight. There were others, but those are the ones that stick out in my memory. At the time, there was nothing too appealing about them, to me. It was just a way to have small braids without having to sit through hours of getting micro braids. Fast forward to now! Over the past couple of years the crochet trend has come back with a vengeance, making it more fun to look forward to the styling options of others. You no longer see ONLY long, skinny manufactured braids.

Women are taking all kinds of synthetic hair, turning it into beautiful crochet styles. The main material used is Kanekalon. It can be rolled using perm/cold wave rods and dipped in boiling hot water, to secure the style. You even have the option of purchasing it with curls to take the extra work out of it.  Everything has a way of coming back around. This is one of those things that came back, better than ever! Crochet styles are beautiful, natural options for those wanting a look that's close to their own natural texture. It's also an easy protective style if you want to give your hair a break for a couple of weeks, and your scalp is still easy to reach. Transitioners! If you're looking for a natural style to help you transition without cutting off all of your hair, you may love crochet braids! I absolutely love them, and they can only get better. I hope they're here to stay.

Press play to see a couple of my favorite tutorials on crochet styles. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on crochet braids?

Ebony Clark-Bomani

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