Trending: The Tapered Freaux

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

For years, black women have been wearing neatly coiffed, perfectly-rounded, bubble afros. Over time those fros have evolved into equally beautiful tapered shapes---some round, some with texture and color. Less women have been afraid to "big chop" due to the high volume of women rocking their low to medium-size afros closely tailored around their ears and nape. Women who have been natural for years are returning to the "twa" but with a twist. The tapered freaux (<-----because it's fancy) is AMAZING and insanely inspiring. If you're contemplating a hair cut with a dose of edge, consider rocking the sides and back a little closer to your head. That has always been my advice to a new natural that had recently cut off all their hair. Here are some ladies who've have been rocking the cut with some sizzle! 

IG: @Glammzmore

IG: @Glammzmore

Have these beauties inspired you? Are you transitioning and unsure about your next move? If you're afraid to do the "big chop" because you don't think you'll look feminine, add some attitude to that cut! The possibilities are endless.

Ebony Clark-Bomani

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