Behind The Chair: How To Prepare For Your Hair Appointment

By Ebony Clark-Bomani


It's been about two weeks since I've been in my own salon space. I must say that it has been fun, rewarding, overwhelming, and eye-opening at the same time! This is just the beginning! Most of my clients had a few things in common regarding not knowing what to expect, or being uncertain about how to communicate what they wanted. Here are three things to consider when visiting a hairstylist for the first time:

1. Think about your appointment like a doctor's visit. Write down any concerns you may have regarding the health of your hair and/or style you wish to achieve before hand. Be ready to show photos of styles you may want. Save them in your phone or have Pinterest bookmarked. Make a list of questions that you may have. You should always have a thorough consultation, even if it's not your first appointment with them. If you've never seen them, be ready to share your hair's history (i.e. last color, haircut, medication, etc.). Those are all things that could affect the outcome of your service.

2. Always show up to your appointment with your previous styles removed and your hair detangled as much as possible. This will shave time off of your service and your stylist will greatly appreciate it---so will his/her following client---as a long detangling session may make a stylist run over into the next person's service time. If your hair is matted or severely tangled upon arrival, be prepared to reschedule, DIY, or pay an excessive detangling fee. We do understand that your hair may not be completely void of tangles when you arrive, but please do all you can to minimize them ahead of time. It would ensure detangling AFTER shampooing to be much easier, as will styling.

3. Plan to arrive at least ten minutes prior to your appointment time. We all know that things happen. However, punctuality helps make everything run more effectively. If you anticipate that you'll be late or if you see that traffic is slammed, call immediately. Courtesy calls are very much appreciated and are highly recommended---before your appointment time, of course. It gives your stylist the option to say whether, or not, they can still see you. Try not to take that option away from them by showing up late without speaking to them first. (Here's a secret: If you're late to your appointment because you stopped to get food or Starbucks, it shows that you have little regard for your stylist's time or his/her following appointments.)

Bonus: If possible, try to come alone. You never know if waiting space is limited. Most establishments reserve their waiting area for clients.

Ebony Clark-Bomani

Ebony Clark-Bomani