Living A Balanced Life

by Ebony Clark-Bomani

Holistic living is the art finding balance within ourselves and our environment. Understanding and respecting that all things are interconnected is the foundation of living a holistic lifestyle. Each aspect of your health—mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental, etc.—assumes responsibility for another, so to speak. For example, generally speaking, if the atmosphere where you spend most of your time is as free and clear of toxins as possible, you consume a balanced diet, exercise, and you keep stress at bay, you can prevent, minimize, and even eliminate physical, spiritual, and emotional imbalance.

As a nation, we’ve become accustomed to bigger, better, and faster. Therefore we’ve lost the integrity and virtue in some of those elements which contribute to the quality of our lives. We depend on advanced technology for our healing, thinking, and human connection. Ironically, we’re becoming sicker, heavier, lazier, and more disconnected than ever. Many of us don’t realize how important it is to take advantage of the nutrients that naturally occur. Just to name a couple—One of the best sources of Vitamin D is the sun! The sun’s ultra violet rays create Vitamin D in the human body, which is essential for bone health, stronger teeth, losing excess fat, anti-cancer, and a stronger immune system. Human touch has the ability to lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and reduce aggression.

My interest in living a more holistic lifestyle developed from my desire to become more spiritual, in tune with the earth, and just more harmonious overall. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. Although I am still learning, my life is more balanced now, than it’s ever been!

So how do you become more balanced NOW?

1. Unplug! Take a break from all forms of technology—television, internet, and telephone. Start with one hour a day, and increase your time to one whole day, and so on.

2. Get Some Sun. More people than you realize are Vitamin D deficient. Soak up some rays for about 30 minutes per day. Leave your hat and shades behind (if you’re able).

3. Get Connected! Human connection and touch are EXTREMELY important. Holding hands with your loved ones, hugs, sex with your partner, etc. are all vital to living a balanced life.

4. Clean The Air. Light 100% beeswax candles in your home. They help purify the air, unlike paraffin-based candles.

5. Clear Your Mind! Get as much quiet time to yourself, as you can EVERYDAY—even if it’s five minutes. Use it to meditate, pray, read, or just do nothing.

Love & Peace

 Ebony Clark-Bomani

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