Naturally Fab - @NaturallyLady

Name: Ty'Jalayah Robertson
Known As: Naturallylady

1. What are your reasons for going natural?

Initially, I just wanted to be able to wear my hair in its natural state on occasions and I was curious to know what my natural hair looked like, since I did not remember. Since 9 years old, I was getting my hair pressed every 2-4 weeks so I always and only wore my hair straight. At 15 I was tired of straight. I became curious of my natural hair and I wished so badly that I could be able to wear my hair in its naturally coily state, but of course, my hair was heat trained (or heat damaged) from over the years and it had lost its curl. Later, my reason for going natural evolved to be for the purpose of having long and healthy hair and I realized that being natural was the best route to achieving that. At 17 years old in 2013, I finally decided to stop using heat altogether, and I began my year long transition from the "heat trained hair" to my own natural hair texture. Now there is no turning back for me ! Long or short, as long as I have healthy, natural hair.

2. How did you transition (or did you BC)?

I transitioned for one year (13 months exactly), wearing buns mostly. I started out wearing 4-plaited braidouts but as my new growth came in, that changed. On occasions, I would wear a flexirod set or style but very, very rarely. I did not cut my hair but one time as I transitioned--I just let it grow out. At 4 months of transitioning, I mini chopped only because I was talked out of doing the full big chop at that particular time. From then on, I continued to grow my hair out and I held onto my heat damaged ends until I finally decided to get rid of it all and big chop after 13 months of transitioning.

3. What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

My biggest emotional struggle I faced was at the very beginning of my journey when I had just decided to start transitioning. I did not really have a support system from the people around me. There were definitely negative comments and jokes pertaining to my hair that I had to learn to block out and laugh at. No one understood what I was doing and others did not take what I was doing seriously. I also struggled internally when going out with friends and watching them curl and style their hair up while I was limited to wearing the same bun I always wore for every occasion-- casual and formal. These particular moments forced me to have my own confidence, being the predictable bun girl standing amongst a group of girls with hair down their backs. All of these struggles were during my transition. And Although, everyone was pretty vocal at the beginning with negative or ignorant statements, I only hear good things now ! So the struggle is definitely worth going through. But at this point in my journey, I can't seem to think of any struggles !

4. What's your go-to style?

My go to style is a puff. Whenever my hair gets old, whether it be an old wash and go, twist out, etc., my hair goes up into a puff. Putting my hair up into a puff allows me to stretch my styles until the next wash day. It also comes a handy when I am too lazy or too short on time to style my hair. It's an effortlessly cute hair style that comes out right every time !

5. What's your favorite product and why?

My favorite product is Dark and Lovely ' s Au Naturale Coil Souffle. I use it as a styler for my wet sets and it leaves my hair super bouncy and soft. I do not like a hard hold on my twistouts, flexirods, and styles of that nature so this product works perfectly for me because it holds definition fairly well, but still allows volume and movement in my hair. Being an athlete, this is a super plus for me because I love the idea of my hair jumping and moving around with me as I compete !

6. What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?

My advice would be to be patient and stay FOCUSED. It is a trying journey and it will be difficult and frustrating at times, ESPECIALLY in the beginning, but that is why it is called a journey. A few bad hair days in the beginning will lead to a million great hair days in the future. Negative comments now will turn into positive comments. Low self-esteem or low confidence will increase beyond this world ! You will get to the point to where "can't nobody tell you nothin' " (I'm not lying). Being natural has so many benefits to it so be patient and when you do hit tough times, remember why you went natural. That will keep you motivated and moving forward. I can guarantee you that you will be rewarded with so much more than you even set out to achieve with going natural in the first place. Be patient and stay focused on your "why". The journey does get easier and you will be happy with your decision to continue through with it. Every struggle you will experience is worth it, not just for your hair, but for your lifestyle and so much more that has absolutely nothing to do with hair. Keep pushing !

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