Heatless Curls

by Ebony Clark-Bomani

Notice the bountiful curls popping up all over your timeline and newsfeed over the last year or so? Me too!!! Our curlfriends are experiencing all their hair has to offer by trying different ways to play with texture. Long gone are the days when we ONLY rolled our hair on rollers, spinning it uniformly until it reached the scalp. That way produces cute, Shirley Temple-style coils or barrel curls. We've now added another technique to the repertoire. 

Lately, I'd been itching for a head full of beautiful curls, without the heat. Hmmmm...which technique would I use? Oh! I know! Why not do a perm rod set?! It'd been a while since I'd used perm rods for anything other than the ends of my hair. I knew it was going to be a chore, so I had to make sure the results would be worth it. I'd be recycling an old style (twist out), so that meant I had to re-set the texture. Once the hydrogen bonds in the hair have already been set, you have to wet the hair or use heat to change it's form. 

I gathered my water bottle, Smooth Infusion Style Prep, Brilliant Retexturing Gel, Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade (all products by Aveda), orange perm rods, a wide-toothed comb and a denman brush. To re-set the hair and help with detangling, I took the first medium-sized section and spritzed my hair with water (not enough to drench it, but enough to collapse the previously set texture) then detangled with my fingers and wide-toothed comb. Then I added the Style Prep and Anti-Humectant pomade for humidity control, moisture and slip. Next, I added the Retexturing Gel for medium hold and distributed the products evenly and smoothed with my denman brush. Now, for the technique, I held my hair taut very close to the base and placed the open perm rod at the base of the detangled portion of hair. Starting at the top of the rod, I wrapped my hair around the rod one full turn. From then on, I'd twist my wrist before each turn until fully wrapped. Secure the closure on the rod. Repeat. 

Being that I didn't saturate my hair, it probably air dried in about 8 hours. However, I just so happened not to leave the house for a while, so my hair had about 36 hours to set. After removing the rods, I added a little more Anti-Humectant pomade, to help protect against humidity a little longer. I separated most curls once---some twice. My curls were everything I'd hoped for and more! They appeared to be a cross between a corkscrew curl and a wave and they lasted a FULL day without being attacked by the humidity. Usually, if I don't style on completely wet hair, by the end of day one my curls are frizzy and deflated. Styling on dry hair can leave you disappointed if you don't add in just enough moisture and use the proper styling products that suit your hair. 

Have you tried any heatless curls on a recycled 'do lately? I'd love to see! Tag me on Instagram @eclark6. Use hashtag #HeatlessCurls!

Ebony Clark-Bomani