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What are your reasons for going natural?

I think my response to this question sometimes disappoint a lot of people, but I have always been natural (no relaxer/perms/texturizers), the most I have done was changed my hair color. 2 years ago I decided to start a much healthier regimen for my hair because it was breaking from using birth control pills (yes some birth control pills may cause alopecia and hair breakage). Another reason was, my hair grew long but very thin, I wanted BIGGER and THICKER hair.

How did you transition (or did you BC)?

Being that I was already natural, i did neither of these but  I somewhat transitioned because I challenged myself with a no heat challenge. I use to blow dry my hair (not dominican style) every two weeks for manageability. I didn't have heat damage, but with my one year no heat challenge I was able to really learn about my hair. I learned product likes and dislikes, what styles were good for what weather, etc. And it also made my curls more springy and full of life. The only downside to my no heat challenge were SPLIT ENDS, my hair needs to be trimmed at least 4 times a year and i hardly trimmed during my challenge. Now I do it at the start of every season, this seems to work for me.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

I personally have not faced any emotional struggles with my hair, this could be because I have always been natural, and so it was just MY NORM. No one has ever looked down on me for being natural, even when I was the ONLY natural chick around in college and High School. I worked in corporate America and no one has said anything disrespectful about it either. My biggest frustration was maintaining moisture and dealing with STYLE FLOPS.

What's your go-to style?

MY FAVORITE go to styles are BUNS AND FRENCH BRAIDS/ TWISTS. These two can work after any style flop, and can also be cute when you are having a lazy hair day. They are also great protective styles because your ends are  safely tucked away.

What’s your favorite product and why?

Like most naturals, I am always product searching for the next best thing. I have favorite products for different things. My favorite detangling conditioner is AUSSIE MOIST, my favorite Gel is OLIVE OIL ECO STYLER GEL, my favorite Deep conditioner is Shea Moistures JBCO hair masque, my favorite cream for twist outs is TaliaH Waajid Curly Curl Cream, and now my favorite moisturizer is CAMILLEROSE MOISTURE BUTTER (have never had anything worked better), it's a must try if dryness is a big issue, which it was for me.

What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?

The advice I give to people starting out the most is… AVOID USING HEAT TOO OFTEN, FIND A MOISTURIZER THAT WORKS FOR YOUR HAIR AND USE IT WITH AN OIL TO KEEP THAT MOISTURE, AND BE CONSISTENT. Consistency with deep treatments, protein treatments, covering your hair at night, and doing low manipulation styles will definitely show a positive change and a big improvement in health with your hair. Doing all of these things has made my hair grow longer, and fuller. 

Where can we find you on the web?

My instagram page is curlygirlmomo, and I have a link in my bio for my YouTube page ( ), which is in dyer need of videos LOL. In the mean time, my Instagram should be pretty helpful :)

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