Living No Lye | @_HerNameIsMe

What are your reasons for going natural? 
My reasons for going natural hmmmmm...actually I wanted to see if I had curly hair because I had gotten a relaxer since I was about 6 years. I had a close friend of mine who went natural my sophomore in college and I thought heyyy I guess I won't get any relaxers anymore. My twin sister and I started this journey together! 

How did you transition (or did you BC)?
I had been contemplating going natural since my freshman year, I actually did a braidout to see how my hair would look curly LOL....that did not look so good, at the time I thought it was cute! That the time I was too chicken, I was a year later that I actually took those steps. I transitioned for about 4-5 months during this time I wore my hair straight, after that time I cut my hair off. So I guess I was kind of both.  

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?
In the beginning I really struggled actually wearing my hair curly, I'm a girlie girl soooo straight hair made me feel "more girlie" than my curls did. I didn't notice it then but my curl pattern suffered from it. Instead of tight curls they were more limp wavy, tight. Once I began to wear my hair curly this guy said to me " You know I like the curly its okay I gives you a 80s look but I like the straight on you better it works for you." My thought was sir who asked you and clearly you are not relevant to my life. I felt soooo empowered that his comment did not phase me at all. 


What's your go-to style? 
My go-to style hands down would have to be my buns. Buns are soooo easy but so fun and girlie. There are so many wants to achieve them whether it be from a old wash-n-go, twistout, twist n curl. They all so cute and fun. My second would definitely be my twistout because its so easy and I can just wear the twists if they aren't completely dry yet. The twistout was the first style I mastered!


What’s your favorite product and why?
 My absolute  favorite product is Aussie Moist Conditioner!! Funny how I came across this product, I was working at a summer camp and I was in the shower and forgot my conditioner and someone left their Aussie Moist sitting there and I thought hmmmm should I or should I now. I went with I should. That was maybe 2 years ago and it is probably the only product I CAN NOT live without. It is great for EVERYTHING co-washing, detangling, I recently added color back to my hair and my hair was extremely dry I applied Aussie Moist to my hair and left it in for couple hours! I had soft, bouncy curls again like magic.  
Aunt Jackie's Curl La La because it keeps my hair soft, hydrated and so defined! 

What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?
If you want to do the big chop JUST DO IT! Don't be afraid of what other people will think of you or what they will say, it doesn't matter! No matter how long you've been natural there will always be struggles, growing healthy hair in itself is work. Give yourself space to learn your hair and make mistakes! ;) Have fun with it, NOTHING has to be perfect to be beautiful!