Benefits of CoWashing

By Sumetra Reed

"It's like washing your dirty clothes in fabric softener."  That was one of the funniest responses I've read regarding the concept of co-washing.  I can honestly say that I struggled with the idea of not using shampoo at first.  I had several reservations and doubts about the process.  Will my hair really get clean without shampoo?  How long can my styles last before I have to co-wash again?  The list goes on.  But like most naturals, I'm willing to give products, methods and techniques a try at least once before I decide if it works or not.

Here are a few of the benefits that I have grown to love about cowashing:

1. It's quick and easy.  Most conditioners have amazing slippage and with cowashing, you can message the product in and finger detangle with ease.  I know with me working out more, I don't have time to do a complete wash regimen daily throughout the week.  Because of it's ease, I'm prone to jump in the shower, cowash and I'm good to go,

2. Moisture Galore.  Unlike several shampoos that may leave your hair feeling dry, cowashing provides amazing moisture.  You can use your conditioner of choice but be sure if's not a deep conditioner but a normal conditioner.  You may want to use a sulfate free conditioner as well.

3. Cleanses hair and removes build up.  I was so surprised as the fact that the build up from styling products was lifted with just co-washing.  Even without the use of shampoo, cowashing removes dirt and leaves the scalp clean and free of build up.

4. Poppin Curls.  I can't be the only one who notices that after you apply conditioner to your hair, your curls become more defined.  Cowashing helps to achieve not just clean hair and scalp but get well defined curls as well.

Here are a few of my favorite cowashes:

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