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 What were your reasons for going natural?

Well unlike some, I went natural because I was going through a midlife crisis. My mom was sick and the stress of it all did not allow to even think about combing my hair. Because I knew I could not be able to really maintain my hair, I decided to just cut everything off and focus on the more important things that were happening around me.



How did you transition (or did you BC)?

Yes, I big chopped



What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

Well I don't think I’ve really faced any emotional struggles since going natural. I embraced every stage and am usually a confident person.



What's your go-to style?

My go to style is a braid out, I love the braid out because you can stretch your hair to its fullest while still maintaining your lovely curls. When I big chopped I always did a wash n go since it was super easy, but now that my hair is longer, that's no bueno.


What’s your favorite product and why?

Well this is hard as I have more than 1. My first would be the Jsheaoil that I got from jazzyjujubee on youtube. I love that product because it gives my hair a tingly sensation whenever i put it in. I use it as an leave in but the product can be used for skin and other things as well. Another is Eco styler, it has saved me in so many ways. This is the product that when all else fails, just grab it lol.



What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?

Love your hair for what it is, many times I would get emails saying that they don’t like their hair because it rough and they are unable to style it but seriously ALL hair is beautiful. One thing I learned in life is when you stop thinking about the negatives, you have no choice than to think positive. So I apply that with hair too, its all in the mindset. Practice goes a long way as well. Dont give up, youll eventually learn your hair and youll look back and say “I'm glad I stuck it through.

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