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What are your reasons for going natural?

One of the main reasons that inspired my decision to go natural was the birth of my daughter.  I wanted her to recognize the true essence of her beauty and felt that I could not do that if I was hiding behind my weave.  I wore my hair weaved up so much that I started to become dependent on it.  It caused a financial burden in my household because I was paying about $320.00 every 6-8 weeks to maintain it.  Instead of reusing the hair I got fresh bundles every time which are not good investments.  That money could've been spent more productively or put into savings.

How did you transition (or did you BC)?

I've been chemical free for 8-9 years but I've never worn my hair out beyond the weave.  I would take it out and put it right back in with no breathing room.  When I decided that I would no longer wear the weave and focus on the health of my own hair I transitioned.  I did not want to big chop so I trimmed and cleaned up any hair that was damaged by the weave (which wasn't much) kept my hair deep conditioned weekly or biweekly and I always wear protective styles.

What emotional struggles, if any have you faced since going natural?

One of my struggles was what others would think especially in a corporate environment.  I also didn't know how my husband would feel about it because when he met me, I had a weave.  Ironically enough the insecurities I had were all in my head.  He loves it which fuels my confidence even more. :-)

What' your go-to style?

I love protective style....I'm always wearing twists or buns.  I rarely wear my hair out.

What's your favorite product and why?

My staple products that I must have all of the time are JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) with Eco Styler gel....that combination really lays my edges down.  I also have to have significant quantity of coconut oil.  I love "It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner" it leaves my hair soft and has a great smell.  My new favorite is "Shea Moisture, Curling Gel Souffle". My twist outs come out really nice and defined using this product.  It has  good hold and my curls last all day even if it's humid.

What piece of advise would you share with someone who is just starting out?

Many people that I know go natural because they want length.  I also want length but often times we don't think about health.  My advise would be to be patient and focus on health rather than length.  If the hair is healthy, the length will come.

Thanks for sharing Tynisha!!!

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