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Since warmer weather is upon us, many women are stepping away from their protective styles and are going to the favorite go to style the Wash'n'Go!!! To many women, this style is an easy way to help define their natural coil, curl, or wave patterns and it will typically last about 3-5 days.

However, even the name Wash'n'Go is a bit deceiving because hardly ever does one just wash their hair and go.  There are typically a few steps that must take place in order to get the definition, hold, and longevity that your probably looking for.

The Wash'n'Go style is ideal for a woman on the go, someone who works out a lot, or even for someone who isn't very creative with thinking of new hairstyles to try out.  It is also a great style for any hair type.  Ladies with super loose curls/waves to ladies with super tight coils can achieve a Wash'n'Go.  You just have find the right product mix for your hair type and layer them on correctly to achieve the look you want.   

If you are someone who has always wanted to try the Wash'n'Go, but didn't know what products to try or what technique to use, you should definitely check out the videos below for a good starting point.  I hope you find them helpful when you try to achieve your Wash'n'Go style. 

Wash'n'Go YouTube Video Tutorials

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