Living No Lye | Romance (@heycurlie)


What were your reasons for going natural? 

I went natural after over processing my hair with relaxers and hair color. I notice my hair breaking due to the over processing of my hair. I wanted to start over and have healthy hair. I knew continuing doing both (relaxing and color) I wouldn't achieve my goal. 

How did you transition (or did you BC)? 

I transitioned for 6 months wearing protective styles and I big chopped November 2011. 


What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural? 

I personally struggled with negative comments for ex: You’ll be reaching for a relaxer soon.” To “ being natural is just a fad. 

I think the negative comment come from the fear of the unknown. So I've learned seeing is believing because going natural isn't just a fad but a lifestyle change. Which allows me to show others the versatility of natural hair.   

What's your go-to style? 

My go-to style is a rod set . I love the versatile of natural hair. I can wear any style.  


What’s your favorite product and why? 

I have a lot. (I am product junkie) so I can't say just one but I do love a good holding cream/custard.

What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out? 

My advice to a newly natural would be to embrace your natural beauty no matter your hair texture. Enjoy your journey and have FUN!!!

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