How Ofter Should You Trim?

Ms. Rosie writes:

There definitely isn’t a consensus for the right time that one should trim their hair. Some say every 3 months or every 6 months. I’ve even heard that one should trim every 4 weeks. Bruh! To be honest with you, there really is no specific schedule for trims that everyone can follow as trims depend solely on the individual’s hair.

Many people, especially us naturals don’t get trims as often as we should. Getting trims are imperative for your hair’s length retention. Waiting too long in between trims or not getting them at all will cause breakage and for some, a setback.

When should one get a trim? To find this out, you have to pay attention to the ends of your hair and its changes overtime. If you’re one to wear protective styles and don’t use heat, then you may not have to trim as often as someone that wear wash and go’s and straightens their hair. However, since hair has different characteristics such as hair type, texture, density, porosity, etc., two people can have the same exact hair regimen, but one may have to trim more often than the other.

A few signs that you may need a trim include ends that are dryer than usual, split ends are a surefire indication, jagged appearance, and rough texture. I personally trim about 1/8-1/4 inch every 2-3 months. Around this time, my ends feel dryer than usual, rough, and don’t coil up the same. By trimming on a consistent basis, I am preventing my hair from splitting at the ends and keeping the integrity of my hair overtime.

How often you trim depends on your hair and regimen. However, if you’re one to have severe split ends or have to take off inches when you trim, you may be waiting too long in between trims. Pay attention to changes on your hair’s ends, be consistent, and get your trims.

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