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As a blogger and Youtuber who loves all things natural hair, I love to write and produce YouTube content centered around naturalistas caring for and styling their own natural hair.  Although I am #TeamDIY when it comes to certain things *because we should all know how to manage and care for our own hair*, I definitely know the importance of having a well qualified stylists in your corner to help with coloring, cutting, hair care maintenance, and even styling.  

If you are due for a good trim, need a new spring look, or feel your natural hair is a bit lack luster and looking a bit dusty, but you don't have a stylist in your speed dial. Before sitting in just anyone's salon chair,  I want to share a few things you should do when trying to find the right stylist.

Know What You Want

Before starting your search, you should know what you want regarding your hair.  Are you looking to get a trim or a cut, are you wanting a fresh color, are you looking for someone to provide bi-weekly wash, condition, and style, or are you looking for someone to do a specific style, such as, crochet braids, faux locs, roller sets, flat-twist updo etc.  Know what you are looking for the stylist to do and have plenty of pictures of it.  I know I'm not the only one who screenshots pics from Instagram and FB of a fly style or color.  Those pics will come in handy when you are trying to find a stylist who can do just what you've been eyeing.

Get A Recommendation

Word of Mouth is one the easiest ways to get started. If you know someone who gets their hair done professionally and their hair looks healthy and thriving and their styles are the bomb, you should definitely ask them who do they go to. Don't be afraid to stop someone on the street and ask them who did their hair.  You might just luck up!!! Also, utilize social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and apps such as MyAvana to ask others who do they recommend you see for your salon visit. 

Get A Consultation

After finding a stylist, you should book a consultation. Most stylists offer a free consultation to potential clients.  This is a great way for the stylist to analyze your hair and see if she/he can actually handle your hair and provide the services you are looking for. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask plenty of questions.  Ask the stylist about their previous experience, check out some of their work, inquire about their expertise (not all stylists can cut, color, and style; some specialize in only one or two things).  You should also tell them and show them exactly what you are looking for and your expectations. This is when those pics you have collected will come in handy.  This will provide a great visual for the style, cut, or color you are looking for, so there are no surprises if you get in their chair.

I hope this was beneficial and will help you on your search for your stylist.

If you have any other tips or info you want to share about finding a stylist please let us know below. 

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Take Care and God Bless!!!

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