Drinking h2o Helps Your Hair Grow

By Sumetra Reed

Hey Beauties,

As many may or may not know, I started a 30 Day Water Challenge that began on March 1st.  Why?  For me, I want to live a healthier lifestyle and I know that previously I was not getting enough daily water to rehydrate my body.  So I wanted to challenge myself and have just water as my drinking beverage for 30 days.  While on this challenge, I am noticing changes in my hair as well.  Did you know that drinking more water can help your hair grow?  Well, if drinking water can help your hair grow, what happens if you don't drink enough water?

Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration.  Dehydration means your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should which can lead to several health issues.  Our body is made up of 55%-60% water.  Our body uses water to rid itself of any toxins, get energy and provide nourishment to our body's cells and organs. 


So, let's take a step back an look at an illustration.  Imagine your everyday house plant.  Let's say you care for the plant by giving it food, sunlight and clean it by making sure the leaves are free of dust.  For a while the plant may look great, clean and shiny but if the roots are not getting any water, eventually the plant will stop growing, the stems and leaves of the plant will begin to dry out, get brittle and break.

That's very similar to our hair.  What we  do on the outside is good but what we do to care for our bodies on the inside means much more to the nourishment and growth of our hair.  Just like a plant, the roots of our hair get the hydration it needs for strength and growth from water.  If your not getting enough water, the cells responsible for hair growth are not receiving the proper amount of energy and nourishment which causes issues like dry scalp, dry hair, brittle hair, excessive breakage and even hair loss.  In the end, it doesn't matter how many hair vitamins, shampoos and conditioners you buy and use on your hair; it may look great on the outside but if you're not eating properly and drinking enough water, you still want get the results you are looking for which is strong, healthy hair and growth. {Also read 5 Foods for Healthy Hair by TiffanyNicholsDesign.}     

There are several benefits to drinking water but here are a few:

1. Helps issues with dry scalp

2. Provides energy and nourishment to the cells responsible for hair growth

3. Keeps your hair strong helping to avoid breakage

4. Your hair is more moisturized starting from the inside out

5. Can help the life of your hair growth cycle

I hope you have found this helpful.  I for one have seen a huge difference in not just my hair but my skin, nails and even my overall energy level.

Love y'all!

By Sumetra Reed

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