Pictorial: Perm Rod Set on 3c/4a Natural Hair

Kiara provides great step by step instructions on how to achieve gorgeous curls using perm rods.

Step 1:  Created bentonite clay mixture using Indian Healing Clay (I purchased from Whole Foods for about $5), apple cider vinegar, and EVOO. I applied this to my hair in two sections and let it sit for about 10 minutes after I completed the application. I used the clay mixture as my cleanser this particular wash day.

Step 2: Rinsed the clay mixture out and them coated my hair liberally with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner and detangled using a wide tooth comb. (I also did a little finger detangling while my hair was under running water)


Step 3: After leaving the sink, I immediately sealed with my EVOO and JBCO mix. I then used a cream moisturizer when prepping to blow my hair out which completed the LOC method.


Step 4: I then separated my hair into 4 sections and used the tension method to blow dry my hair. I braided each section to keep it stretched while finishing my entire head.

Step 5: On my freshly washed and blown out hair, I then used one pack of orange perm rods on each half. I used the wrap and twist method which is very similar to wrapping your hair around a curling wand minus the use of direct heat. The only styler I used for this style is the ORS Twist and Lock gel.


Step 6: I let my hair have ample time to dry. About 15 hours. (from redoing the style I know I need at least 10 for sure)

Step 7: I unraveled the rollers gently during take down and I applied minimal EVOO to my fingertips to control frizz.

Step 8: I separated each curl where my hair naturally separated making sure not to create a ton of frizz. I then used a pic to raise my roots a little and create a little volume.

All done! I pineapple at night to maintain this style and normally get 5 day hair each time with no touch ups! What's your favorite long lasting go-to style?

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