Kiddie Korner: Healthy Hair Care Tips for Children

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I often get asked questions, such as, How often should you wash a child's hair? Can I do what I do for my hair on my daughters hair? What products should I use on my child's hair? And simply, How do I care for my child's hair?  Well today, I want to share with you some tips that you can incorporate that will not only help you, but also your child along the way.

Healthy Hair Care Tips for Children:

Make "Hair Time" Fun: It is very important to make the experience enjoyable for both you and the child, so that both of you look forward to it.  It shouldn't be a torture session where one of you is dreading it, but make it a happy occasion.  You can do that by, watching a movie or television show together while you do the child's hair; listen to music together; or even take that time to talk.  Whatever you decide to do during that time make sure you both have fun doing it.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture: Moisture is key to healthy hair and is very vital to a child's hair.  Make sure you are using a leave-in conditioner after cleansing and deep conditioning your child's hair.  Yes....deep conditioning!! A child's hair should be deep conditioned just as an adult's hair should.  Also make sure you using a good moisturizer or butter on their hair.  One that is packed with a lot of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.  Also you can use an oil on the hair, such as, coconut oil, olive oil; sweet almond oil, black castor oil, etc... Using an oil will help lock in the moisture.

Detangle with Ease: Detangling does not have to be torture.  Apply the same practices that you would with your own hair.  Only detangle when the hair it wet.  You don't want to pull or break any unnecessary hair.  Use a wide tooth comb or a Denman type of brush to help detangle.  Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots.  You can also detangle with your fingers while the hair is full of conditioner to help with slippage and make for an easier detangling process.

Hair Styling: Be creative and have fun when it comes to this part. Think outside of the normal pigtails box and venture out into cute braided or twisted updo's, sleek and stylish buns, roller sets, etc...Check our my previous post where I share a few styling ideas or children ( Make sure you limit the "down hairstyles" and do more protective styles to help maintain healthy hair. Also, don't be afraid to accessorize. I remember wearing colorful barrettes, bows, and click clacks that coordinated with my outfit.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure your child would too. 

I hope these few tips were helpful to you and will help you get started to creating an enjoyable hair care experience with your child. As you can see most of this tips apply to adults hair care as well, so they shouldn't be hard to incorporate.  Check back on in the coming weeks, to see where I share some top hair care products for children.

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