How To: Cocoon Curls

IG: askproy

IG: askproy

By Sumetra Reed

Hey Beauties!

I love researching an trying new methods for achieving curls without the use of heat.  I've come across some amazing techniques using the banding method to get gorgeous waves, bantu knots to get defined curls, twist outs, braid outs, the list goes on.  There is one technique that I've seen called cocoon curls. 

This method is very similar to bantu knots but the difference is you twist your ends around itself and pull the hair down to create a cocoon on the end.  The results are amazing.  At take down, you get these nice curls that add great texture and volume to your hair. This style is a great way to add curls to your hair if you're like me and have a looser curl/texture.  Because it's great for adding curls to the ends of your hair, it's a great style for those that are transitioning as well.



Here are a few tips:

1. Twist the hair while wet/damp to get maximum definition 

2. Find a styling agent that will give great hold without weighing your hair down

3. At take down, pull the cocoon gently to avoid snagging or tugging the hair too roughly

4. Coat fingers with oil to minimize the frizz

5.  Separate your twists gently from roots to ends to minimize frizz and maintain definition

Here are a few youtube tutorials on short, medium and long hair just to give you a better idea on the results you can achieve using this technique.

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Love Y'all!

By Sumetra Reed


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