Kiddie Corner: Kid Friendly Hairstyles (Natural or Transitioning)

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At least twice a week I get asked by both mothers and fathers, how can I style my daughters natural hair. I can definitely see this question being asked more and more as many women continue to go back to natural, they are seeing the benefits of it and deciding to keep their child's hair natural.  This movement  has many people scratching their heads wondering how to style their child's hair outside of the normal pigtails and ponytails that we all know how to do.

People want to be creative and try other styles, but just don't know where to begin. As a mother of a pre-teen, I certainly know the feeling, so I wanted to share some super cute styles and tutorials with you.  I hope these looks provide you some styling inspiration and can help get you started. Make sure you come back next week, as I share a simple Natural Hair Regimen for Kids.

Hairstyle Pictures

Hairstyle Tutorials

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