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Image From:  Dark and Lovely

Image From: Dark and Lovely

By: TiffanyNicholsDesign

Hey Everyone!!

Have you ever seen a BOMB natural hairstyle picture and thought to yourself, "How did she do that? Well....that is currently a common question seeing how the natural hair community is practically taking over social media.  With Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook being popular platforms for many naturals to showcase their tresses outside of YouTube, many women are taking this opportunity to share how they created these flawless styles using pictures and a few words.

I am a huge fan of pictorials and often find myself using that screenshot feature on my phone to capture the style for inspiration. I know I am not the only one!!!  LOL!! Well....I thought it would be a great idea to share a few of my favorite pictorials with you guys.  Take a look at the below and let us know which are your favorites!!! Also, if you create your own pictorial use the hashtag #teamnatural_ so we be sure to see it!!

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