CurlTalk Q & A: Twist Out Success

By Ebony Clark-Bomani


Q: Ebony, I know you get this question a lot, but how do you get your twist outs to be so perfect? I feel like my twist outs never look worth two cents and I'm about to give up!  -KD-

A: I truly appreciate the compliment, but I WISH my twist outs were perfect! Ha! While they aren't perfect, I'd say my twist outs are usually pretty successful. When they don't turn out right I generally know, immediately, what I've done wrong. You can have amazingly successful twist outs, too! Here's how:


1. Trim your ends regularly. If your ends are unhealthy, none of your styles will look crisp and polished. 

2. Detangle your hair, thoroughly. Twisting tangled hair will result in even MORE tangles and possibly matting once your hair is dry. This will cause your hair to look more like a bird's nest than a well-defined style.

3. Determine how much product you'll need for your hair's density. Very dense, medium to coarse hair usually achieve the best results if the hair is styled and product is applied on sopping wet or lightly towel-dried hair. Average, medium hair has better results if hair is styled and product is applied on towel dried hair. For thin, fine hair it seems to work best if hair is about 40-50% dry---unless very little volume is desired. If you have thin, fine hair and desire more definition than volume, feel free to style and apply product on towel-dried hair.

4. Always use your go-to products or "holy grails".  It's imperative that you use a moisturizer and a styler. A styler could be a foam, gel, pudding, custard, etc. Knowing what works best for you takes some leg work and trial and error. Using the right products is the second biggest factor in having an amazing twist out. The first is technique. After detangling, take two even subsections, get your fingers as close to the scalp as possible and start winding them around each other from the base, using even tension down to the ends. Twirl the last 1/4" or so around your finger.

5. ALWAYS allow your twists to dry completely before unraveling them. Even consider leaving them in for a couple of days for maximum definition. 

We really hope you've found your twist out stride. Let us know!!! 

Ebony Clark-Bomani