Product Review: Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask

by Ebony Clark-Bomani

 Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask by The Mane Choice is a deep conditioner that was formulated to promote hair growth and retention. It is fortified with biotin, green tea, and carrot oil to help strengthen hair, prevent loss, enhance luster, repair and improve hair's overall health. 

Over the last several months, I have been using the Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask, religiously, every two weeks as a part of my healthy hair regimen. After shampooing, I lightly towel dry and apply a quarter-size amount to each quadrant of my hair, cover it with a plastic cap and I allow it to process for about 30 minutes under the dryer. If my hair is VERY thirsty, I'll sit under the hair steamer with it for 20 minutes instead. I choose to apply it after shampooing because my cuticles are still open and it helps to usher in the product straight into the cortex. Plus, you won't have to use as much when you apply the product to damp hair. Since it is highly concentrated, it doesn't take much anyway. The texture is very smooth and the aroma is very clean. This is a TRUE deep conditioner because it has the right balance of moisture and protein. More importantly---QUALITY moisture and protein. It takes quality ingredients to make quality products. It is currently valued at $17.99 per unit.

A few of the ingredients include: Organic Aloe, Castor Oil, Biotin, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil, Silk Amino Acid, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Green Tea Extract. There are a few more, but it's not laden with a whole lot of ingredients---which is a great thing. It even has a shelf life of one year from the purchase date, which tells us that it is not loaded with preservatives. The conditioner is made right here in the US and is not tested on animals. ;-)

My hair's characteristics: 

  • mostly coily
  • a little curly
  • normal porosity on the non color-treated areas
  • slightly porous on color-treated areas (ends)
  • fine and medium-size strands
  • medium to thick density

After using the mask, my hair is jolted back to life. It looks lustrous, feels soft, light, hydrated and strong. I'm pretty sure it will always be a favorite. If you'd like to try it, visit

Have you tried the Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask yet? Let us know your thoughts about it.

Ebony Clark-Bomani