Pictorial: Twisted Bun by @mochacurlie89

by Ashley Crawford

It’s almost that time to winterize those tresses! I used a few of @CremeOfNature’s New & Improved Argan Oil products with the LOC Method to moisturize, seal, and protect my hair! 

Products Used:

-Argan Buttermilk Leave-In Hair Milk (for moisture)

-100% Pure Argan Oil (To Seal)

-Twirling Custard Curl Setting Gel (For Hold & Definition)

My go-to protective style: The Twisted Bun! 

Step 1: Smooth on some gel/edge control then gather your hair into a high puff.

Step 2: Once the puff is secure, grab a scarf to tie down those edges!

Step 3: While your edges set, grab medium sections of your puff and begin to loosely 2 strand twist them.

Step 4: After twisting, take each twist, fold it over, tuck the ends under, and pin it in place

Step 5: Fluff the twist to hide any gaps and boom! You’re left with a perfect, moisturized, textured, protective high bun!

What are your fave go-to #ProtectiveStyles for the fall/winter months? 

Ashley Michelle Crawford M.M.



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