Naturally Fab: @Naturalli_Stephanii

Today's naturally fab beauty is Stephanie!

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I absolutely love your website and IG page!! I just first wanted to start off by sharing a little bit about myself as well as my hair journey. I would call myself a true naturalista at heart! Ever since I was younger, my hair has always been faithfully relaxed. However, I have always been amazed by the versatility of natural hair. My natural hair journey began in 2013 while I was away at college. After transitioning for a year, on May 12, 2014 I decided to finally cut off the remaining straight ends. Ever since that day, I have been dedicated to learning what my hair likes, experimenting with various hairstyles, and most importantly loving my hair for what it is! It is currently a year and 4 months since I have been completely natural. Throughout my entire natural hair journey, I have gotten several questions about "how I style my hair, what is my natural hair regimen, what products I use, and how I get my hair to grow." These questions prompted me to start my own YouTube channel. Now my focus is not only to continue having a successful natural hair journey, but simultaneously informing and inspiring others (whether natural, transitioning, or thinking about returning to natural) to do the same.

YouTube Channel: Naturallii Stephanii

Instagram: Naturallii_Stephanii


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