6 Tips To Detangle with Ease

Hey Beauties!

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and they make it look SO easy to detangle their hair?  It's like magic!  On top of that, it seems to take little to no time for the detangling process.  Well beauties, I got you covered.  I am going to share some tips with you that will help ease your frustrations and make the detangling process more simple.

1. Start at the ends.  When detangling, start at the ends and work your way up.  Most tangle form at the ends of the hair so if you work those out first and then work your way up you can minimize breakage and additional tangles.

2.  Detangle in sections.  Even with my hair being shorter, I still detangle in sections, I just don't need as many sections as I did when my hair was longer.  Part your hair in sections (typically four) and after you detangle the section you are working with, either twist it, clamp it or bun it to keep it stretched and keep it from tangling again or mixing with the other sections.

3. Slow Down.  When you rush the process, it can not only cause damage but can cause additional knots, tangles & breakage.  My rule of thumb is to never wash or style my hair when I am tired or in a rush because it leads to being careless and too rough with your hair.

4. Do a little pre-work. While you're washing your hair, finger detangle while your hair is highly saturated with conditioner.  There are a couple of great things about this process.  One, the steam from the shower helps keep the hair moist and from drying to quickly while you're detangling. Two, the additional slippage created by the use of the conditioner makes it a lot easier to finger detagle your hair.  It may take some time depending on the length of your hair but it so worth it.

5. Avoid detangling when hair is dry.  Dry hair can tend to be brittle.  Detangling gon dry hair can cause the hair strand to snap and lead to severe breakage and split ends.  So here's what I like to do.  Whenever I need to detangle between washes to freshen up my hair, I take a water bottle, lightly spritz my hair and use a leave in conditioner to further moisturize my hair and then detangle.

6. Use a wide tooth comb or denman brush.  I have scene several people use a rat tail comb to do their initial detangling.  I don't recommend that.  The tiny teeth on the comb can literally rip your hair out.  I have heard that some don't like the denman brush for the same reason however the great thing about the denman brush is you can remove rows of the bristles if needed to suite your preference of use.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  If you have other tips that have worked for you, share them with us, we'd love to hear from you. 

Love y'all!

By Sumetra Reed

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