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NaturalyJenn Writes:

Hello Beauties!

I want to talk about the “hair growth “pills that’s going around. Ladies don’t think that just taking the pills is to make your hair long and pretty like Rapunzel and Pocahontas. You have to use good grooming habits. I’m not saying that your hair won’t grow; you have to help keep what’s growing healthy. Be sides the pills are not for everyone . Here are a few steps that will help you with your growing process:

1.       Plenty of water- using water inside and out will help keep the moisture form natural oils

2.       Cut back on using heat- minimize the heat usage. Air dry hair if possible , use rods or rollers,flat iron hair and then wrap to maintain the style for the rest of the week 

3.       Shampoo and condition hair at least once a week – sulfate free is best to so the natural oils won’t be stripped

4.       Deep condition every 2 to 4 weeks- helps increase the elasticity and strength. There are many different treatments out there that you can use

5.       Be mindful of the of the styling tools you use-  wide tooth comb for detangling and natural bristle brushes will help reduce breakage on the hair.

6.       Satin scarfs or pillows at night- sleep with a satin scarf or pillows. Helps look in moisture and reduce breakage that cotton ones may cause

7.       Use proper hair products- use oil free base conditioners (water is your friend) natural oils as much as possible (coconut oil, olive oil). Sulfate free shampoos

8.       Protective styles- keeps our hair safe from heat, styling tools and the environment ( wigs, sew-ins, braids) 

No matter what hair growth pills that you use, good grooming habits will help your hair its desired length.

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