Black Hair Year End Review 2014

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So many ups and downs, shockers and side-eyes can sum up the Black Hair Community in 2014. Below you’ll find 10 events in Black Hair that sparked conversations and unified us as a community.  While we reminisce on the events of this year, let us know what your favorite or shocking moments of 2014.


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 L’Oreal Acquires Carol’s Daughter
In October, Carol’s Daughter became owned by L’Oreal. Not many of Carol’s Daughter consumers were happy about this due to fear of change in product quality and that the company would no longer be black-owned. Lisa Price, Founder and President of Carol’s Daughter assured customers that Carol’s Daughter products will remain the same quality and that this decision was for the betterment and longevity of the brand. Wishing Carol’s Daughter all the best!

 Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder Titi Branch dies
In early December, the news of the loss of Natural Hair Pioneer Titi Branch shocked and saddened many people in the Natural Hair Community. Not only did Titi help women to embrace their natural texture, but she also inspired many women to launch their own product lines. Your memory will live on forever Titi, rest in peace.

That Curly Nikki Post
Many members of the Natural Hair Community were not feeling Curly Nikki’s feature of a White girl “embracing her natural hair”. Backlash came from many Curly Nikki users to well-known Youtubers like India of My Natural Sistas and Jouelzy. Even Ebony magazine online had their two cents to say. You all know how I feel about this subject.

Texture Discrimination
Popular Blogger and Youtuber Jouelzy raised awareness of the texturism (new word) within the Natural Hair Community in her video titled “So Over the Natural Hair Community And Texture Discrimination”. A lot of her points about kinky hair being viewed as inferior and uncelebrated are unfortunately true. This truth is definitely one of the reasons why Lovin’ Our Textures was created-to show the versatility of Black Hair.

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 Meechy Monroe
Popular Youtuber Meechy Monroe was diagnosed with a cancerous sarcoma earlier this year. With this, she suffered 3 strokes and had 2 brain surgeries. Many in the Natural Hair Community came together and organized multiple fundraisers for Meechy and even raised over $59,000 on towards her medical expenses. Times like these show how we can unify to help out our fellow sisters. #GetWellMeechy

 Textures Manageability System
“From curly, to straight, and back to curly” is the premise of the many Texture Manageability Systems to hit the market this year. Strength of Nature Global, LLC came out with a few of these systems under the brands Beautiful Textures, African Pride (my review here), and Naturally Free. These systems provided a way for naturals to straighten their hair without the worry of damage. However, the speculation of the system being an at-home keratin treatment has given it mixed reviews.

SheaMoisture’s Many Product Lines 
I still have not tried all of SheaMoisture’s original lines and the company introduced three new lines this year alone. Bruh! After coming out with the Tahitian Noni Monoi line late last year, many were eager to try the new Jamaican Black Castor OilSuperfruit Complex, and the Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil product lines. I wonder what SheaMoisture will have in store for 2015.

Blue Ivy Petition
Someone thought that it’ll be funny to start a petition for Beyonce to comb Blue Ivy’s hair. Talk about overstepping boundaries and flat out vulgar. Not only was the petition ridiculous, it was incredibly mean. For the 5,700 people that signed the petition, shame on you!

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Blue Ivy’s Auntie Solange Knowles broke the Internet when she tied the knot in mid-November. Her wedding look, complete with a caped gown and afro, showed the world that the Au Naturel look can be sophisticated and classy. Not only was her look mesmerizing and broke the Internet, but tying the knot with her beau showcased and celebrated #BlackLove.

Max Hydration Method
This 5-step regimen was introduced to provide a solution to dryness for low porosity kinky hair. Though this regimen has given some people great results, the steps in the regimen are quite extensive which is unattractive to most. The results from people that I’ve seen use the regimen consistently experienced hydrated hair that can be worn for wash and go styling.


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