Heat Protection 101

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Now that Fall is officially here, I know that many curly girls will opt to temporally forgo their curly/kinky/coily tresses for a more sleek, low maintenance option by applying a little heat to their hair.

There is nothing wrong with applying heat and wanting to change up your look a bit and      really taking advantage of the fact that natural hair is so versatile and the fact that cooler  temperatures are right around the corner.  The cooler temps mean there is less moisture in the air that causes your hair to swell up and become frizzy when that wasn't the look you were actually going for.   The cooler temps also mean that heat applied hairstyles will last longer and will give you a more smoother/sleek appearance.

Before you run to the bathroom and grab the flat iron or blow dryer, there are some precautions and steps you need to take in order to avoid breakage and permanently damaging your curl pattern.

Check out this very informative video from Sister Scientist and The Natural Hair Academy entitled, "Heat Protection 101: Fry Eggs, Not Hair".  This will give you a very good visual on how important it is to use a heat protectant when applying heat to your hair.

I hope this video was very beneficial and give you some great information.

How do you plan on wearing your air this Fall? Let us know below.

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