The Power of a Suit Today


Classy, Business, Authoritative and Leadership are some of the characteristics that come to mind when I think about a suit.  However, like many, my first vision is the classic black suit.   Dare I ask if that same vision can be filled with a bolder color or perhaps a unique style of suit?  I am known to push the limit, so certainly when asked, my answer is an absolute yes!  A suit with color and unique style brings vibrancy into the boardroom but it can also signify the same power of the classic black suit.  

I believe the uniqueness of your style should not be comprised, but should maintain professionalism especially in the work place. The way you dress is like a portrait that hangs in the finest art gallery. Every day someone’s eyes are on you and it’s magnified in the boardroom, office or smaller setting. Can you rock a red, pink or even yellow suit?  Sure!  If your confidence doesn’t allow you to transform yourself you can add color in a subtle way and maintain your personal style while letting the audience know you mean business.

Tiffany NicholsComment