Creating a Hair Regimen

If you are struggling to find a natural hair routine that is easy to maintain, well here is a simple hair regimen that includes the following six steps that can help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair:

Moisturization- Adding moisture to your hair in between washing is important, but guess what?? You don’t have to moisturize it 45 million times a day! Depending on how dry your hair is, moisturizing it only once per day or even 3-4 times a week is perfectly fine. Moisturizing can be as simple as spritzing your hair with some water and applying your favorite oil afterwards. Most water based leave-in moisturizers already contain a sealant so you don’t necessarily have to take the extra step of sealing in the moisture with an oil.

Detangling- Gently removing tangles from your hair helps you retain length and helps you dodge those nasty single-strand knots. You can use your fingers or a tool such as a Denman brush to make certain your hair is tangle-free. Some choose to detangle on dry hair before washing. Others detangle during the conditioning process. Either is fine, as long as you make certain you are gentle.

Cleansing- Cleansing your hair and scalp is a MUST. Washing your hair once a week or once every two weeks is sufficient (given your hair isn’t excessively dirty). Whether you use shampoo or prefer to do a co-wash ( “washing” with conditioner) is up to you and the products that you choose.

Conditioning- You can condition with a commercial brand or opt to prepare your own from scratch. Either is perfectly fine. Don’t feel pressured to buy exotic herbs and other ingredients. Adding simple ingredients like olive oil or a banana can increase the effectiveness of a store-bought conditioner. Of course, conditioners should always follow shampoos, unless you are doing a co-wash.

Deep Conditioning- It can be used interchangeably with a regular conditioner. I recommend deep conditioning once a week. You don’t have to leave the conditioner on for 96 hours either. 20 minutes to and hour is just fine. :)

Leave-in Conditioner- This is a step that many leave out because they don’t think it is necessary. You don’t have to use a leave-in conditioner because you already conditioned your hair, right? WRONG. Applying a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner is important because it closes the cuticles of your hair shaft. This ensures that all the goodies (the nutrients and moisture) you added during washing and conditioning don’t escape. It also leaves your hair super soft and alleviates breakage due to dry hair. You don’t have to buy a fancy-schmancy leave-in or concoct a complex recipe. If you choose to make your own, the main ingredients should be aloe vera juice and a few oil.

I hope this was helpful and beneficial to some of you who may be struggling with developing a healthy hair regimen.

Constance Cash

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