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Summer is definitely here and many of us are still trying to get "summer-time fine".  We are trying to lose a few pounds here and there and tone up a few areas in order to look great in those shorts, jumpers, dresses, and of course bathing suites. A perk about being natural is that you don't have to worry about sweating out your relaxer during a workout, but for some ladies they are still struggling with managing their natural hair during their workouts. I want to share a few tips that may help lessen that hair burden.

How To Style Your Hair:

If you are wearing your hair out in a wash'n'go or a twist-out type of style, you can easily throw your hair up into a pineapple in order to preserve the hairstyle. This method should allow you to workout freely and once you take it down your hairstyle should not be disturbed too bad. (Tip: make sure you use a satin or silk scarf or scruchie instead of a cotton one to keep your hair from drying out)



You can also opt to put your hair in twists this summer to make your hair regimen easier during workouts.  Twists are easy to put in and to maintain for a few weeks if not months.  You can co-wash them, condition them and moisturize them with ease.


You can also opt to do a protective style during your workouts.  The styles can be an up-do, a high bun, box braids, Havana twists etc.  These are definitely styles that will allow workouts to be done without having to deal with your hair.




                                                                      Sumetra Reed

                                                                     Sumetra Reed

Dealing With The Sweat:

Sweat is good during the workout because it indicates you are burning calories, however it can be annoying to the hair.  It can cause your hair to get puffy and your scalp to feel dirty and itchy.  To help combat the sweating you can wear a headband, a scarf, or even a "Save Your Doo" GymWrap by Nicole Ari Parker.  Those options can help keep your hair from curling up or frizzing up around your edges.

Get a Hair Routine: 

You should develop a daily or weekly routine for your hair while you workout.  You can prepare your hair before you workout by misting it with water and applying oil and moisturizer to help lock in moisture.  After your workout you can co-wash your hair and style it for the next day or again use the LOC/LCO method and moisturize it and style it.  Make sure you designate a day to devote to your hair each week and take that time to pamper your hair and give it the much needed TLC.

I hope this was helpful and will make working out with natural hair a little easier. There are no excuses now so go ahead and shed those pounds so you can look "All The Time Fine".

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