Higher the Temps the Higher the Buns

by TiffanyNicholsDesign

Lately, I have seen tons of beautiful women rocking high buns this season and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!  Even though temperatures haven't been record breaking high this summer the "High Bun" is still a go-to hairstyle for many women looking for a way to sweep that hair off of their neck and out of their face.

As for me....the "High Bun"  is pretty much a favorite not only during the summer, but all year round.  They are quick to do and can easily be dressed up for a more elegant look or dressed down for a more casual/chic look.

They are ideal especially for those days when you didn't re-twist your hair or you missed your wash day you can easily do this style and no one would ever know.

The High Bun can be done on straightened hair, old twist-outs, old braid-outs, and wash'n'go hair.  It is just the cutest thing ever!!! Oh....I almost forgot that it can also be a good way to protective style your hair as long as you don't have the ponytail pulled too tight and as long as you have your hair well moisturized while in the bun. 

Water + Moisturizer + Oil =Well Moisturized Hair!!!

Check out a few pics of beautiful women I have seen wearing their high-buns. 

Also, check  out a few simple "How-To's" tutorials for an easy High Bun.


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