Product Junkie - Do You Have a Problem?


I am sure you have heard of the term "Product Junkie", for those that haven't it is a term in the Natural Hair Community that is given to someone who purchases or receives a lot of hair products because they simply love hair products.  They often stock up during sales such as buy one get one free or buy one get one half off.  They often keep up with new companies and new products that are being released. Many Product Junkies are hoping to find that one product that their hair will fall in love with, so on their quest for the perfect product they will purchase any and every hair product known to man. 

Now that you know what a Product Junkie is let's determine if you have a problem.

  • If you go to the (BSS) beauty supply store to purchase only hair pins, but in turn walk out with two bags full of hair products and didn't even buy the hair pins. - You Have a Problem
  • If you leave no room in the bathroom for anyone else to store items because you have occupied all the storage space with your hair products - You Have a Problem 
  • If you open up a bathroom cabinet and hair products fall out and hit you on the head - You Have a Problem
  • If people want to try a new product they automatically call you first to get your opinion of the product because they "know you have already tried it" - You Have a Problem
  • If you will travel from Target to Target trying to find a particular product that the Target closest to your house was sold out of. - You Have a Problem
  • If you would rather buy new products instead of paying your water bill - You Have a Problem.

This was very light hearted, but If any of these scenarios describe your behavior you may want to take a step back before you buy another hair product and say "Do I really need this?", "Do I already have something like this at home?" That will be the first step in order to overcome this problem.

Now, I am definitely not knocking (PJs) Product Junkies.  I was sort of a PJ when I first went back to natural. Many of us were. I was on my search to find the perfect product for my hair and purchased tons of products online and at local stores. However, once I found what works for me I stuck with it and didn't feel the need to continue to purchase every new product that came out.  From time to time, I will purchase something new only after reading and viewing several reviews on it, but for the most part I stick with my stable products. 

So if you are a PJ narrow down your collection and really look at the products you have and how they work and the ingredients in them.  Really exam your hair once you use a product to see how your hair reacts.  Sometimes you can do more damage to you hair by changing up your products every week, so try to eliminate doing that.  Keep your routine as simple as possible that will not only save you time, but it will save you money. 



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