Natural Hair Tip Series Part II: Transition vs Big Chop

Hey everyone....this is part II of my natural hair journey tips series. Please refer to part I for my top 3 tips for going back to natural (insert link to part I)

In part II I want to talk about the differences and the pro/cons between doing the BC (Big Chop) and Transitioning, so let's get started. that you have Done Your Research, Made A Decision, and are being Patient;  What do you do now? I am glad you asked!!  To be honest that decision is truly up to you.  When you decide to go natural you will either do a BC (big chop) or you will Transition. A lot of factors go into play when you are deciding if you will BC or Transition; such as, self confidence level, your comfort ability, preference, manageability, self esteem, work-place acceptance, etc. Before you make a decision I want to share a little information about both.

What is a Big Chop?  Big Chop - To cut all relaxed/chemically treated or heat damaged hair down to the new growth in order to start their natural hair journey.  Now this decision my not be for everyone, however there are some benefits for doing the BC.

  1. One Texture - you will only have to deal with your natural hair texture instead of having to manage both your natural hair and relaxed hair.  
  2. Ease of Styling - you won't have to fuss around with your hair because the wash'n'go is your new best friend. You can quickly get ready because you already know how you will be wearing your hair.
  3. Weather isn't a problem - you won't have to worry about humidity or any other weather elements because your hair won't be as affected by it.

There are some things to be aware if you chose the BC.

  1. Limited Styling Options - you won't be able to be very versatile with your hair.  You are pretty much only able to do a wash'n'go until your hair starts to grow out.
  2. Acceptance of Others - not everyone will like your decision to BC.  Just remember you can't please everyone and people will not like everything you do.  Don't take it to hard if others are not as accepting of your hair as you would like. 
  3. Short hair - yes ladies, your hair will be short.  A lot of women are okay with that. However, many women have an attachment to their hair and simply do not like short hair for themselves. 

Now let's talk about Transitioning.....

What is Transitioning?  Transitioning - is the process of growing out your natural hair before cutting off the processed or damaged ends.  This option cannot be a short process or a long process depending upon you.  I chose to transition and after 9 months I decided to go ahead and cut the relaxed ends off.  There have been ladies that have transitioned for 2 or more years, slowly trimming the relaxed or damaged ends along the way.

Here are some benefits of transitioning.

  1. Keep your Hair Length - You won't have to take the drastic step of cutting your hair completely off.  You  can slowly cut your ends as your hair grows.
  2. See your Texture - you can get an idea as to what your natural hair texture would be like before cutting off the relaxed or damaged hair.
  3. Warm Yourself and Others Up - transitioning allows you to warm up your close friends, family, and co-workers up to the new you. It also gives you an idea of what being natural would entail and the work you would have to put in to maintain healthy hair.  

Here are some things to be aware of when transitioning:

  1. Your Hair is Fragile - You hair can easily break off and snap off if you don't handle your hair with care.
  2. It can Be a Long Process - how long you transition is up to you, it can be a quick process or can take years.  Just be prepared either way.
  3. Patience - You will need patience when you transition.  Patience is important when you detangle and while you wait for your natural hair to grow out.  Some women are not able to commit to that process because the lack of patience. 

I hope this was helpful and if you know of any other differences or pros/cons between the BC and Transitioning please feel free to share them below.

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