Natural Bride Feature: Carissa Stephens

When did you and your husband meet?

Kenneth and I met summer of 2008 at a Walgreens Management Internship! The first time we heard each other speak, we were introducing ourselves in front of a room full of interns. There was an undeniable mutual attraction. He spoke to me after that meeting and we hit if off instantly becoming really good friends and spending a lot of time together that summer! After the internship ended, we went back to our respective schools which were in two different cities… and we drifted apart. When we both graduated from college we found ourselves back in the same city (Houston). One day out the blue he reached out to me, just to check up on an old friend. We hung out that night, and it was like no time had passed at all. After that night, we were absolutely inseparable! We fell head over heels in love and he proposed to me two years later.

When and where did you get married?

We got married on May 3rd, 2014 in Houston at Bayou City Event Center!

How was your big day?

 My big day was fabulous, emotional, fun and unforgettable! Everything was so beautiful!

 How did you wear your hair?

 I wore my hair in a high textured twisted bun with a softly pressed and curled side bang.

 What was your process of deciding how to style your hair?

The final decision was a long process! It began with me meditating on how I wanted to look on my wedding day. I had some help from my groom, who when asked how my hair should be worn, was partial to an updo… which excited me! Then I had to think about the styling process and what I was willing to endure on the day of my wedding. Next I considered my honeymoon. I wanted manageability and style options with my natural hair. I left for my honeymoon at 7am the very next morning so there was no time to change my hair before hand. I took to Pinterest and google of course… seeing what styles caught my eye the most. I wanted something timeless that complimented my facial structure while being elegant and romantic. Finally, I had a couple of hair consolations and demonstrations. Thus, my style had been decided!

 How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding? 

Everyone thought my entire look including my hair was breathtaking! I was so pleased with the way my hair turned out. I love the way I look with my hair up! Also, I think my hair accessory added so much flair to the style. I designed my own hair accessory by putting together two different pieces… a headband and a large broach. Hey, when you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for you’re forced to get creative! J Never anything wrong with a little DIY. My veil was also custom made by a bridal boutique by the name of Colletti Threads based out of Spring, Texas. The total look of the bun, bang and bling seemed to captivate my family and husband. He said he had never seen me look more beautiful than he did on our wedding day.

 Carissa’s top 10 tips for natural brides preparing for their big day:

 1.      Decide what about you as bride is unique and capitalize on those things.

2.      Follow your heart when deciding how you want everything to look.

3.      Do your research on which vendors are best for YOUR vision.

4.      Get a good and reliable team of vendors in place EARLY.

5.      Follow a detailed timeline and checklist. There on tons of online tools!

6.      Do some sort of premarital instruction with your hubby. It’s a wonderful opportunity for growth and bonding.

7.      Hair and makeup consultations are of the upmost importance. Plan for as many as you will need.

8.      Trust and believe that you are going to a beautiful bride and everything will work out wonderfully.

9.      Don’t stress and remember to live in the moment…breathe baby, breathe!

10.   Remember the true meaning and purpose behind the BIG DAY. Two joining as one before God. 

 Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

 You can find all my wedding update videos and more from NaturallyGG at:

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Wishing you the best as you begin your new lives together! -Constance-