Heatless Curls

A question that circulates often throughout the natural hair community is “what’s a good style while transitioning to blend the different textures”.  One style that fairly simple to achieve (though rather painful to sleep in) is flexi rod sets.

This style can be achieved on relaxed hair, natural hair, as well as those who are transitioning to natural. 

A few tips:

1.       To achieve more definition, install flexi rods on damp hair

2.       Use a good styling cream or gel for maximum hold (gels, setting lotion, foaming lotion etc)

3.       Ensure hair is completely dry prior to take down. Nothing is more frustrating than going through all the work to end up with frizzy curls

4.       More separation = more volume!

5.       Coat fingers with oil when separating curls to minimize frizz


For a complete tutorial (including nightly routine to preserve this style) click here: http://youtu.be/B2qFpzF0O8o

Sumetra Reed




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