Flava of a Corporate Chic

by Corporate Chic

I’ve been walking through corporate America’s doors for the past 11 years. From day one I knew my style was different.  Not only being African American, and now natural, my attire was not common for corporate America. The basic black suit with minimal make-up, not that anything is wrong with that, just wasn’t me. The key word is “me”. That’s the awesome part about being YOU is your individuality and owning it. 

There is a catch to this. How do you maintain your professional etiquette while adding flava to your attire?  I’m not talking about miniskirts, 6 inch heels, or tight fitting clothes. I’m talking about one day wearing some printed palazzo pants with a crisp white blouse, strappy shoes, popping accessories, just enough make-up to bring out your features and hair that closes the deal. To me that is flava. 

As women we have to be careful.  It only takes one time to leave a bad impression.  Yes Corporate Chics have flava, but be cognizant about how much.  Ask yourself do those pants show your panty line, or is my cleavage peeking through a little too much?  I’m sure your answer is NO, because YOU have this “corporate chic” thing down packed, remember own IT.

Dress the Part, Shop Smart

Mimi Irvin “aka” Corporate Chic




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Mimi Irvin “aka” Corporate Chic is an Engineer by Career but is a Fashionista and Naturlista that is an advocate for Individual Style while achieving it on a budget. She is the creator of her well renowned blog Meye Label (pronounced MY Label) that inspires women that you can “Dress the Part, Shop Smart”, why; because also she loves to see women Stand Tall, Walk with Confidence and be themselves.

Outfit Details:

Spring In the Air Outfit

Blouse: SteinMart (Kasper) - $34

Pants – Forever21 - $19

Shoes – DSW (clearance) - $15

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