Secrets To Getting The Most Out Of Your Stylist

Sands Professional Stylist.jpeg

by Janelle Sands

Secret #1: Shop around

Book a consultation with  local stylists to determine the best fit for your needs. This is the time to receive professional recommendation on how to achieve your short term and long term goals for style and care.  You should look for a stylist that puts hair care first and will give you an honest assessment and solution. Be sure to ask for a price list and salon policies to get started on the right foot!

Secret #2: Request a Standing Appointment...and show up!

A "standing" appointment means, you hold the same time slot on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  These are also known as hair maintenance services which are typically more cost effective than one time specialty services, allowing the stylist to manage your haircare, rather than styling and caring for "unkept" hair sporadically.  The Secret is to be sure to show up for your appointment! If you do not keep your appointment more than twice a month, you are no longer considered to have a "standing" appointment and your price could very well be affected.  Your stylist will typically address the issue and thereafter, he/she could cancel future appointments and give your time to a client on the waiting list.

Secret #3: Understand the Business Model

The beauty industry takes a basic maintenance services and adds luxury.  However when time or money gets short, other routine service tend to take priority leaving your beauty provider at the bottom of the totem pole. Which can effect the respect given to the overall industry.  Secret number 3 means to view this industry for the quality of life you are provided. Understanding the business model will help substantially.  Stylist only receive payment when they perform a service, hence when an appointment is booked, there is an unwritten agreement that says I promise to give time via a service and you promise to give the required fee.  Therefore it is best to be very specific when booking to allot ample time.   If you desire a change in the "agreement", call ahead by more than 24 hours to discuss, and based on time, adjustments may be made. For a Stylist that works on commission or pays a booth rental, cancellations, rescheduling, and improper booking negatively affects productivity.  In larger communities, deposits are made for all services in order to better manage cancellations, abiding by the practice above will prevent these measures.

Secret #4: Follow salon etiquette
-Come with your hair prepared for your scheduled service (ex. Detangled)
-Come at the agreed time period. By the same token, your Stylist should be considerate of your time and call/text you if he/she is running behind
-Let the stylist know in  advance if you must leave by a certain time
-Tip your stylist.  Local salons try to keep their costs low because they care about their clients,  you can ensure to keep a low price if you routinely tip. etiquette expert, Emily Post suggests giving 15-20%.  However hairdressers are very happy to receive whatever is in your heart to give.

Secret #5: Form a partnership with your Stylist
You and your stylist become your glam squad.  You should build a repor with your stylist, get to know them and trust them. Communicate your needs and expectations and be open to their expectations, expertise, and feedback.  This will diminish misunderstandings which are the number 1 reason for a failed client-stylist relationship.  The effectiveness of communication will determine the effectiveness  of this unique partnership.