Living No Lye - Maria (maria_antoinette)

By Sumetra Reed

Q: What were your reasons for going natural?

A: I love hair color so it was bye bye relaxer! 


my last big chop Feb ‘11

my last big chop Feb ‘11

Q: How did you transition (or did you BC)?

A: I transitioned via sewins. 

Q: What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

A: My biggest struggle is that I am a lazy natural…Thank God for my YouTube channel since that is the only way I really do my hair!!!

Right after the birth of my son Nov '13

Right after the birth of my son Nov '13

Q: What's your go-to style?

A: Twist and flat twist out combo! 

Q: What’s your favorite product and why?

A: Moroccan oil!!! It’s light weight making it the perfect oil for my color treated hair!

Q: What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?

A: Enjoy each stage, don’t be afraid to trim and rock your curls with confidence!!!


Q: How can our readers follow you on your journey?

A: Instagram: @maria_antoinette




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Love y'all!

By Sumetra Reed


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