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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Kimberly a beautiful naturalista who recently tied the knot. In our interview she opened up and shared the details of her Big Day, including how she decided to style her natural hair and she gives some tips for styling your own natural hair for your big day.  Check out the full interview along with her gorgeous wedding day pictures. 

TN: When did you and your husband meet?

K: My husband Olrie and I met in the early spring of 2013. He owns a restaurant in Boston that I liked to visit weekly… We started out as friends now he’s my forever friend!! (I’m confident that he was putting love potion in my food, Just Sayin’)

TN: When and where did you get married?

K: Our wedding took place October 4, 2014. We chose a quaint farm house as the venue. The ceremony was sweet, intimate, and filled with love. Our closest friends and family were there for support, encouragement and blessings. We were extremely happy with turn out. We always say, “whoever arrives at the party, are the people who are meant to be there.”

TN: How was your big day?

K: Overall, the big day went by in a flash. I feel as though getting ready was calm and relaxing. Once I was dressed, the butterflies began to set in. The walk down the aisle felt awesome, I walked with my parents. Seeing all the happy faces in the crowd and my groom waiting for me, warmed my heart. We shared our vows, kissed, and snuck off for a few minutes alone. We decided to take our couples photos immediately after the ceremony. (that way our bridal party could enjoy some of the cocktail hour food and not be hungry come photo time) Once we were back inside for dinner, I was amazed by how delicious the food was. I really shouldn’t have been too shocked considering my Husband had the executive chef that he used to work under, agree to cater for us. Next thing I knew, we were off to our hotel room to relax for the night. People are not kidding when they say the day flies by!!!

TN: How did you wear your hair?

K: Like any bride, I’d been checking the weather for weeks before the wedding. The forecast predicted rain. I decided I’d wear my hair in a partial updo with cascading curls coming down in the front.

TN: What was your process of deciding how to style your hair?

K: I’d like to take credit for the style, however, hubby made it clear he wanted to see some spiral curls somewhere on our wedding day. He saw a pic from a party I had last year and said, “Wow, you should wear your hair like this for our wedding!” that was before we were even engaged. LOL. NOTE: I started the wedding day with one style and ended with another. It started to rain while we were taking group photos. My hair turned into a giant puff. Of course, I had my trusty bobby pins in my clutch. I ran to the bathroom before dinner and did one large flat twist and pinned it into the bun. Still elegant. I still felt beautiful.)

TN: How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?

K: The guests at our wedding said they loved my hair! They liked the volume. I was told it was a glamorous look. ;) One friend asked me, why I didn’t wear my fro. I simply didn’t want to look the way I always look on such a special day.

TN: Any tips for natural brides preparing for their big day?

K: My advice to all the beautiful, natural, brides out there is to, TEST DRIVE your style. Seriously, I mean, you go to a tasting with your caterer, an engagement shoot with your photographer all trials that give you an idea of what you can expect on your wedding day. If you are a DIY gal like me, try out your style ideas in the months leading up to your wedding. If you’re going to have your hair done by a friend or professional, give it a go in advance. No need for any unnecessary anxiety about your wedding day look!

TN: Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

K:. Instagram:  Blog:

Thanks for taking us along with you on your Big Day!  You were a gorgeous bride and I absolutely love your wedding dress and of course your elegant natural hairstyle. 

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