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Q. What are your reasons for going natural? 

A. My main reason for going natural (or big chopping) was because my hair was fried! I was used to using my flat iron everyday and putting a lot of color in my hair. I was never permed but I wanted to fresh start so i cut it off!


Q. How did you transition (or did you BC)?

A. My transition was comparable to someone who grew out a couple inches of natural hair to someone that has been permed. My hair was stringy and badly damaged at the ends so I grew it out for about two months and didn't add heat to the new growth. Once I couldn't take it anymore I woke up one day and first thing I did was randomly start cutting!


Q. What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

A. As a little girl my identity was my hair. I was always warned not to cut "all that pretty hair". Thankfully it never phased me! It's not that I didn't want to be known for my hair but the big chop brought on a lot more attention (negative and positive). Cutting my hair opened up a dialogue with lots of women about hair care and growth. Overall the experience has been a positive one!

Q. What's your go-to style?

A. My go to style is definitely the twist out! It takes some prep work but its a style that is very versatile and lasts a long time between washes!

Q. What’s your favorite product and why?

A. Recently I started branching out and trying new products. I've never labeled myself a product junkie and still won't! To date my favorite product is one that I started with when I first cut my hair. That product is raw shea butter! I like shea butter for my hair because it can provide a heavy seal in the dry winter months or mixed with coconut oil in the summer it provides a light seal. I also use it on my skin and face as a moisturizer.

Q. What piece of advice would you share with someone who is just starting out?

A. My advice would be to pack your patience! A big portion of natural hair is trial and error...lots of error. As long as you take time to experiment with your hair and really see what works for you it can be a really enjoyable experience! Also, don't pigeon hole your hair! I've talked to a lot of women that won't try certain products to methods because we don't share the same hair texture. My advice is try it anyways! Most of the time the styles I attempt were first seen on a woman with completely different hair. You have to cater each experiment to your own hair needs.

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