Makeup Tips for the Winter ft. MUA Alex Butler

I had the opportunity to meet an amazing make up artist a few months ago.  I love her personality.  She has worked with several stars and has traveled all over and still has such an amazing down to earth personality and will have you laughing literally all night.  One of the many things that I appreciate about her craft is that she loves to enhance the natural beauty of her clients.  We reached out to her to tell us a little about herself as well as share some great makeup tips for the colder winter months (and really you can use these tips year round).

TN: Tell us a little about yourself.  Like how long you've been doing make up? What made you decide to become a MUA? Any additional fun facts you'd like to share?

AB: A little about myself… Well, I am originally from St. Louis, MO. I have been living in ATL for 6 years now and before here, my husband and I lived in Northwest Indiana for 3 years. My educational background is in Industrial Engineering and I worked in the production field for 3 years after I graduated college. While I was in the field, I developed a love for playing in makeup and quickly that became a hobby as my makeup collection began to grow. I lost my job in engineering and that was the push I needed to pack up and move my family to ATL to pursue an actual career in makeup. By this time I had an established YouTube channel and had a pretty steady following of supporters who loved my makeup tips. When we moved to ATL, I tried the engineering career path again and it ended in me losing my job after just 5 months. When that happened, I started pursuing a career in makeup harder than ever. I got hired at the MAC counter in Nordstrom and worked at MAC for 3 years where I would also freelance on my off days. March 2012 I lost my job at MAC and began to freelance full-time as a professional makeup artist. Ever since then I have done makeup for numerous television shows, fashion shows, and photo shoots, worked with hundreds of wonderful clients, and worked with some very high profile clients and companies. Now the focus currently is on my makeup class tour that has been going strong since 2012 where I travel all over teaching makeup classes.

TN: What are your top 5 make up must haves for winter?

AB: My top 5 makeup must haves for the winter is first a good moisturizer since our skin gets super dry in the winter, that is very important. Next a great deep fall color on the lips that has a matte or satin texture. I have fallen in LOVE with Pnk Digger Cosmetics in a color called "Bankhead Shawty." To go along with the lips and the need for moisture, a great lip conditioner or lip balm is imperative. Ever since my MAC days, I have been in love with the Bobby Brown lip balm. It is long lasting, has SPF, and brings out your natural lip color. Next product helps me keep my skin flawless, and that's a concealer with great coverage to cover blemishes or hyper pigmentation. I love the Milani Secret concealer and have been using it for years. Lastly, since I don't wear any eye makeup, adding some mascara helps open your eyes up without having to add a lot of product. My all time favorite is MAC Zoom Fast Black mascara. This particular mascara is amazing because it has carbon black pigment in it so it is super black.


TN: What are some of your favorite go to lip colors for winter?

AB: Besides the Pnk Digger color in "Bankhead Shawty", I love a good red lip and my all time favorite is MAC Ruby Woo lipstick with MAC Vino lip liner. It is important went applying a bold lip to have a liner that gives the shape of your pout more precision and a primer to help the lip stay vibrant. Another staple red is my Milani Black Cherry lipstick. It's more of a deep red and has a satin finish, really gorgeous and affordable. My latest addiction is a color called "Three Witches" by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. It is a bright almost neon purple and may not be fall-ish, but it is BOLD and will definitely get compliments from everyone.


TN: Is there a need to make changes to your make up routine when the seasons change?  Why or why not?

AB: Yes I think it is important to understand that our skin texture, hydration level, and pigment changes as the seasons change. Keeping your makeup current according to those seasons can be as simple as mixing an essential oil in your moisturizer, or applying a foundation that is lighter or darker, or applying a brighter color versus lighter. All these factors are imperative to think about as the seasons change so that you can stay current and up to date with your look.

TN: What are your thoughts about including a facial moisturizer and primer in your winter make up routine? 

AB: Facial moisturizers and primers are extremely important. Moisturizers are good for your skin even if you don't wear makeup. We have to hydrate our skin with a moisturizer so that the skin doesn't go into starvation mode and over produce oil which is what causes people to have excessive oil on their face. The moisturizer helps evenly distribute the oil and hydrate the skin. A primer is important if you wear makeup because it helps smooth the skin's surface which will allow the makeup to look flawless and to stay on all day on. Some primers also help with inflammation in the skin, discoloration, as well as evenly distributing oil. There are many types of moisturizers and primers out there that cater to whatever skin treatments we need.

TN: What product recommendations do you have that work best for colder temperatures?

AB: I love to use natural products. With my skin being very sensitive, these products allow my skin to not feel caked up or weighed down. I LOVE Naturel Lyfe Essentials liquid black soap. This soap has literally saved my skin and has brought life to it. I use this at least twice a day to cleanse my skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking brightened. For moisture I use a natural healing oil made by Bobeam Natural Products. This helps replenish my skin with essential oils that help with how my skin looks in its naked stage, it gives me a glow. It is a miracle worker and has actually helped control the oil production on my skin, believe it or not. For the winter, I have noticed that I have to sometimes wash and moisturize my skin more because our skin needs more moisture/hydration in these colder months. I sometimes have to use something thicker to give me more moisture, like Eucerine. Purchasing products to increase your moisture level is ideal for the winter months.

TN: How often should you clean and/or change out your make up brushes?  When do you know it's time to clean and/or change them out?

AB: If you have taken great care of your brushes, they should last forever. Find a regular cleaning schedule that you can stick to rather than gauge when you should clean them based on the appearance of the brushes. Ideally, it is important to clean your brushes at least once a week with a brush cleaner that is alcohol based so that it airs dry very fast and the alcohol helps kill the bacteria and sanitize your brushes. Also, just to help the brushes live longer, washing them with water and soap helps and should be done possibly twice a month. Good ole Dawn dish washing liquid is amazing because it cuts grease and germs and is gentle enough to use, but be careful that the water doesn't get into the ferrel (the metal part) of the brush because that water will loosen the glue that holds the bristles and will cause the hairs to shed. So be sure to hold your brushes upside down so that the water runs down to the ends of the bristles. Treat your brushes like you would your natural hair since most have natural hair fibers.


TN: What are a few winter make up tips can you share with our readers?

AB: For winter, most rely on foundations that have more coverage. So ideally creams, gels, and liquids will help give a full coverage, but by applying that product with fluffier brushes, that will give the appearance that you don't have on a lot of makeup and it will look natural. It's all about how you apply the products and with what tools. Nowadays less is more, so you want the appearance of a flawless look that is not over worked and looks effortless. Look at any magazine cover, take notes….

Here are more of our favorite before and after make up looks by Alex

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