Portion Control Guide At Your Fingertips…Literally


January is Health Month here at JessicaSimien.com and in keeping with our theme, we found a handy-dandy portion guide for you to use!

One major step in losing weight is to teach yourself portion control first. According to Lisa Young, R.D., a dietician in New York City, “a calorie is a calorie and having too many will pack on the pounds.” Even though you may be eating healthy, whole-grain foods, eating too much of it can still hinder your weight loss efforts. Here are some tips we found to help you eat the proper portions.

Buy bowls that tell you your portion sizes.
You can find portion control bowls and plates online at ShopMeasureUpBowl.com starting at $14.

Shell nuts yourself.
When eating your favorite nuts, shell them yourself. Studies have shown that people consume 41% fewer calories when they have to shell their own versus those that were given nuts that were already shelled.

When drinking wine, use smaller glasses.
Sipping from larger wine glasses can really distort the amount of wine you’re drinking.

Buy singly-wrapped chocolates and put them out of site when you’re not eating them.

When eating pasta, opt for bigger shapes like ziti that will fill your bowl higher and make it appear that you’re eating more.

Check out the POPSUGAR portion control guide and download it for help at your fingertips up top!

Source: POPSUGAR | Family Circle

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