My SUPER EASY Janelle Monae Inspired Natural Hair Updo


I’m on this journey of rediscovering my natural hair after somewhat abandoning my routine and not taking care of it like I should have. The thing is, I got bored with my hair! I was tired of it and I will never get another perm, so I found myself just wearing it in a fro which led to some damage.

Anyway, part of my rediscovery includes getting back to doing lots of different styles, trying new products and just giving my hair that good ole’ TLC that it needs on a consistent basis. The latest style I tried was inspired by the beautiful and talented Janelle Monae.


It’s pretty safe to say that Janelle Monae has become somewhat of an icon for the natural hair updo and while mine is inspired by her, I tried to add my own little twist and work with the amount of hair I have. Below, I’ve attempted to write a tutorial for the style. Sorry I don’t have any step-by-step photos, I wasn’t planning on posting at the time.

Hopefully you can understand what I mean with each step, if not feel free to leave your questions in the comment section!

Styling tools used:
Paddle brush
Wide Tooth Comb
5-6 bobby pins
3 hair clips
Ecostyler Gel (Olive Oil)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cantu Shea Butter Hairspray
Pump It Up Hair Spritz

Step 1: Begin by combing through your hair to stretch out any curls or get rid of your curl pattern. After you’ve combed through your hair, apply and work the olive oil into your hair.

Step 2: Using the comb again, part your hair on both sides, leaving a huge chunk in the top of your head. If you tilt your head down, your part should look like a “U.” Take one of your clips and secure that section until the end. Using the remaining two clips, secure the back part of your hair as well.

Step 3: Grab a dab of the Ecostyler gel (or whatever you use to hold your hair down) and apply it to the edges of your hair on both sides (not the top part) and smooth your hair so that it goes straight back. Apply another dab of the gel to the back edges of your hair…you know the “kitchen” part LOL.

Step 4: Brush the sides of your hair toward the back and the back of your hair upward. Secure one side of your hair with a clip. Take the unsecured hair and roll it inward all the way until the ends. Take the end and stretch it to the opposite of your hair and pin. Repeat on the other side. Tuck in any stray hairs that you may have missed and pull the beginning of each roll a little to puff out on the sides.

Step 5: Brush the remaining hair at the top down in front of your face. Grab the hair and roll it very loosely and take the end and pin it in the center of the section. It will create a dip but will look “right” when you hold your head up and forward.

I hope all that makes sense LOL! I will definitely do a step by step photo tutorial next time!