Jada's Natural Hair Journey


I kind of went natural by accident. For the longest I'd dreamt of returning to natural, but there were so many people opposed to it, so I kind of kept the idea tucked in the back of my head. I had my last relaxer in May of 2010 the month I had my youngest daughter.  I got braids shortly after her birth, and I kept them in until September. After I took them out, I knew that couldn't go and get a relaxer so I got my friend Taaka Cash to flat iron it after I washed it. It was really beautiful. I couldn't believe how long it had grown, and I couldn't believe how much growth I had. It was crazy! I kept playing with it. Lol! I kept delaying my hair appointment, and pretty soon the whole "natural" idea popped to the forefront again, and I just went with it. At first I had my cousin flat iron it for me. I thought that this was how it was gonna happen, but I started doing research, and stopped using heat all together. I transitioned for 7 months, and I big chopped December 30, 2010.
Transitioning twist out


As I sat in the chair during my big chop, I was filled with anxiety. From across the room this guy said, "You ever had your hair cut like that before?" I told him no. Then he said, "That's a good look." Honey, I felt so much better. I was grinning like a chess cat. Lol! But it wore off by the time I made it home, and my mom had a fit! She was so upset! She loves it now though because everyone is always telling her how pretty my hair is. I felt awful though one day when I was in Walmart, and this lady said, "Aren't you Jackie's son, I meant daughter?" I wanted to punch her. Some days I woke up trying to remember why I even cut my hair in the first place. But as time went on I started loving my new self. My hair had always been longer, and I couldn't hide behind it anymore. I had to get out of my comfort zone which was a great thing!


I am probably one of the laziest naturals you'll ever meet. I don't really have a regimen, and after 3 years I don't really have any "holy grails" as we say in the natural world. I use whatever has not ran out, and go with it. Right now, I'm using products that have probably expired because I want to get rid of them. I do however use the LOC method whenever I shampoo my hair. Over the past 3 years "Sheba" has taken off!